what I think about onetap. Give me alpha and it will be god mode again

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I will be giving my current opinion and update my thread while I use the cheat.
My opinion comes from the usage of skeet and neverlose.
I did not find minor issues on the cheat such as shooting invalid ticks and so on.(examples) (YET)
But so far I am enjoying it.

RAGE: 5 / 10
Doubletap and backtracking felt weird compared to skeet / nl, I was getting easily backtracked when ideal peeking, the backtrack seemed non existant.
I will give the resolver a 6/10.
If you are coming from skeet or neverlose the minimum damage override will feel weirder.
Fake ducking will take a while and will teleport alot you if you have double tap or hide shots (exploits) on.
I believe there is no defensive doubletap and no doubletap on the knife 💀 .
I will give my opinion about safe point , prefer baim and etc in the future.
Doubletap feels slow.

ANTI-AIM: 5/10
The anti-aim is not very customizable but people were missing me with settings that were quickly made.
Missing edge yaw or auto direction on key.
No local view anti-aim.

I like the visuals in general but I due have some complaints related to the font in the health bar, the 9 just seems like a 8 so it's quite confusing if you are tired or not paying much attention.
Dormant felt kinda lacking not updating much but that can be related to not having anybody sharing esp updates and so on.
zoom and shifting colors are the same which makes it harder to read
Molotov icon while on fire is barely noticeable

MISC: 5/10
Directional strafer is inferior compared to skeet and neverlose, is not 100% accurate, harder to bait people and is not as user friendly.
Extended backtracking felt weird so I did not try to use since it seemed like I was just playing on a server with 100~ ping

Compared to neverlose and skeet the api documentation is lacking a lot.
In my opinion it should change to LUA, reasons: alot of good LUAS from neverlose and skeet are public or were leaked therefore they could be ported to onetap easier if it used LUA
Who still uses javascript in csgo in 2k23

MENU: 4/10
The menu is confusing, the rage tab has alot of sub-tabs which should not exist, the key assignment is just a bad ideia since there are at least 2 places with that, you could simply use the right click in order to bind it on the feature name for example, just like neverlose or do it like skeet.
Using the username as tab just feels weird and confusing to new users.
you dont need alpha to start tappin


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bro this keop dude is a onetap dicksucker. the owner of this cheat could step on his micropenis shit on it and he would give it a 9/10
I wouldn’t say keoper is a ds, its just hard to appropriately address a person who demands for things and only states vaguely while holding an aggressive demeanor
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