what I think about onetap. Give me alpha and it will be god mode again

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bt issue will be fixed in the next update

no, onetap dynamic hitscan is better at least it mostly go for baim while min dmg 1 instead of forcing head like gs

yes but it doesn't seems to be a problem

standby choke 💀
but yes there's no dt knife but you can override it using a js

use script

use script also local view anti aim=uncheck at target checkbox in anti aim tab

^if you see a person yelling one language is better than another language
he probably got no idea about scripting lel
ah yes cheat not good enough? just apply js as a band aid solution


a lot of the stuff you just said is either the fact you don't look around the menu or just don't have one of the many many scripts on the forum that anyone can use.
Doubletap and backtracking felt weird compared to skeet / nl, I was getting easily backtracked when ideal peeking, the backtrack seemed non existant.
scouting on OT? just use an auto or anything else and you'll be on top of the leaderboards. ideal ticking is retarded anyways.

"I believe there is no defensive doubletap and no doubletap on the knife 💀 ." -> standby choke/lag peek?????

"Doubletap feels slow." -> use a script theres plenty of them on here, but if you're in the market for buying one for sure buy rin.tools
Rin.tools DT on Onetap Live

Everything AA related you said -> use a script, simple as that. Use Chimera.JS if you don't feel like buying stuff, buy altyn if you want the premium stuff
Altyn AA Showcase

Misc Stuff: Use above 50 turn speed for Directional (its even better in alpha), Don't use Extended Backtrack on live (idek why you're trying to scout in the first place)

Scripts: Everything thats Needed or something that you want has already been made, get it out of your head that one script is better than the other when they both do the same thing. Theres AA Scripts, DT Scripts, Visuals Scripts all over this forum, stop being lazy and use the search bar ya know.

Menu: I didn't know that you are chronically looking at the menu, setup the settings in <30 mins and leave it be