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Hello dear onetap enjoyers, this is my review on the cheat after using it for the past 1.5 years.

Legit 8/10
I've never really used OT for legit cheating but as far as i've used it its alr.

Ragebot 7/10
Despite it being almost 2 years without an update the cheat performs quite nicely, mostly with auto with the dt but scout is a 6/10. Pistols are pretty good if u can bait the enemy close range and bt them, but on mid ranges pistol isnt so great.

Anti-Aim 6/10
Onetap's default AA is kinda dog, with a js u have way more customizability nothing more to add

Visuals 9/10
I like the vibes that the visuals give you, glow chams arent rlly good but if u sit for some time and mess with the visuals its great

Misc 9/10
Basic features you would need, although autostrafe is retarded when u let go off space u have no autostrafe

Menu 5/10
I like that they wanted to go for a unique design, but the menu is confusing, keybinds scattered all over the place instead of a single tab, but I like it otherwise

JS 8/10
Don't know much about scripting, api is limited and its abit laggy when u try to load alot of js and then u need to re inject

Overall 7.5/10

Cheat's great, needs an update lets be honest. If u are not retarded and know how to play then u can actually have fun, but for comp hvh not recommended.

*This is my experience and opinion on the cheat, dont go down the comments and flame thank you :)
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