Early adopter
Visuals: 12/10.
The most beautiful visuals I've ever seen.
Nightmode brightness level, skychanger, hit / miss tracers, the ability to change the angle of the viewmodel, model changer... nice

Misc: 9/10.
Default miscellaneous functions, but nice too.
sv_pure bypass this is a very cool function.

Legit: 3/10.
Legit is so bad.
Very difficult setup. You cannot choose hitbox.
In Russian cheats legit is much better than in EU cheats.

Rage: 8/10.
With a good settings, you can dominate the hvh servers.
But re$olver needs improvement.

Anit-Hit: 9/10.
Nice anti-hit.
I like fakelag and fakeduck in this cheat.
People just can't hit me XD.

Support: 20/10.
Very nice support.
Usually support answer you in 5-15 minutes.​

Cheat is worth the purchase.
(sorry for my pEnglish xD)
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