ONETAP.SU honest review after a month usage

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Visuals have basically everything you could look for in a visual cheat.Has many options for many different styles easy to configure

Legit bot

The LegitBot is very easy to understand. legitbot system have enough customization for any rank (silver-global) to look legit Looks great in demos and will be very hard to tell even if your demo gets sent to overwatch. the only thing which is a issue for me is changing configs when i change weapon

Rage bot (my fav part )

The Rage Bot is really accurate and helps me to dominate the hvh scene, Nospread or Spread it will do the job. Another thing I like is how much I hit head with it

Anti Hit

I like the anti-hit easy to configure


Plenty of misc settings .Would like to see custom chat spams (I know that this can be abused) rest all is good for me


Like any community there's bound to be some cancer people, dickheads, and stupidity but it is really good to see that you wont find these type of people here. like this is the best non toxic community which is always ready to help you :)

website and staff

website is very good and clean. you can find every thing here regarding the cheat. The staff does a great job and all of them are friendly Treat them with respect they will be glad to do the same .They are generally quick with support, and will work with you to make sure that everything is going well.


so far so good no vac and shit and it is not easy to get vac when you have hands of llama on your head :cool:
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