Onetap - honest review

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Onetap has improved greatly since earlier days, for what it may lack in a couple of missing features it excels in stability, and everything remaining functions better.

It's pretty good. Prediction is great, backtracking is great and it is generally very good on FPS.
Resolver works ~75% of the time, which is very good for Desync HVH.
Multipointing, safe pointing, and dynamic pointing all work great. I wish I had a Visual option to view the points though.

it is good, and while missing some of the older visual features, it still has plenty and everything works perfectly. Perhaps more visuals, in general, are needed.
It has a couple of cool features you don't see elsewhere.

it's ok. It needs some more features and it would be perfect. You will be able to use it pretty well and look pretty legit, but just a little work is needed.

it's great! I wish there was more explanation on autostrafing types, legit BHop, etc but it is very good in this regard.

In the end, a lot of what I said was a little nitpicky but honest.
The cheat should hopefully get updated soon, it's been a little while!

8.5/10, very good cheat, I 100% recommend purchasing Onetap and I recommend it over all of the competition.
in the future i will be writing a very detailed review with a accompanying youtube video, but for now this will show my support