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It has come to my attention that people, especially in the North American region have been adapting to what I would like to call HVH on training wheels. Many server providers are disabling grenades, molotovs, AWP's and fake duck.

Disabling features such as fake duck with server plugins causes crouching and uncrouching inaccuracy and people are constantly reporting issues across multiple forums (including this one) regarding issues with our software, however, this is solely introduced by the anti fake duck plugin.

Prior to the dangerzone update in December, people were not disabling nades, and fake duck was not present within that current meta of HVH, since this update was released, people are constantly reporting issues with accuracy, complaining about grenades, and handicapping the functionalities of CSGO because they are inexperienced. The issue with this is that there is no way to improve the quality of life within the communities if people are restricting things like this and adapting to this style of gameplay because it is slowly tearing this community apart.

Additionally, people are also trying to constantly report issues in unrealistic scenarios and then siding with each other on how things should be improved (primarily people holding knives in 1v1 situations and not utilizing nades which makes my point above), with that being said if you are reporting issues on such a server and expecting anything to be changed you are simply going to be ignored.

We are looking to improve the general experience for everyone who is a user here at onetap, and this will only be possible by playing CSGO in the most natural state (hvh wise), this has been an ongoing issue for too long and it is time for a change.


Below are the most popular servers for skill oriented players in this gamemode for NA and EU regions, I suggest you play on them and the issues you experience and report will be taken into greater consideration and improvements will be more likely to take place.

GameTime HvH (NA):
Rantei$ HvH

I hope that people can be responsible and that this thread can remain unlocked as this will be a controversial topic especially for the North American region.

Have a nice day.


Re add nades and fake duck. Tired of getting baimed by pussies in 1ws. Isn’t hvh meant to be whoever has the best hack, playstyle, and config? If you don’t want to die to a fakeducker simply don’t peek it. #notmyhvh


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