a little review by nn

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Yes, I'm nn. Sub ending in a week so I'm here to post a review. Maybe some of them are not true, idk.

Resolver- Probably spreads, prediction isn't good. Don't toggle legs and feet or else you will have terrible experience. The resolver works fine tho. 7/10
Ragebot- Works fine. Jumpscouting is fun btw. 8.5/10
AA- Lack of customization, but can be improved with js. 5.5/10
Exploit- Dt is really good on onetap. MM exploit is a big advantage against other cheats. 8.5/10
Fakelag- Nothing to say about it. Some functions are removed tho.

Legit aimbot- Works fine. I know this is a hvh cheat so I dont really have a high expectation on it. 9/10
Recoil control- Not really legit imo. 7/10
Triggerbot- Never used. No comments.
Backtracking- Pretty good. 9/10
Legit AA- Solid. 9.5/10
Fakelag- Never used.

ESP- Works fine, but can be improved I guess. 8.5/10
Dormant ESP- Not really good. 7/10

Nothing to say here. Just normal misc.

Really good. I've barely experienced fps drops under 60 without js. My computer is really trash btw. Average fps:130
CPU- Intel i3 8100
Motherboard- MSI B360M PRO-VDH
Ram- 24GB (Too much lol)
SSD- Crucial P1 M.2 SSD 500GB
//Really bad PC.

Never got myself into scripting, but I'll share some of my opinions.
HvH Essentials: Solid js. Really good conditions. There hasn't been an update lately tho. 9/10
Tokyo Remastered: Good js. Great dt. 9/10
Brightside: The menu is ugly, but the functions work well. 8/10
Atomic Beta & Atomic: Good customization on AA. Slightly bad dt. 8.5/10
Ultranite's nade helper: Clean and fully customizable js. 9.5/10
Titflop: Great for MMHvH. For community server, it just doesn't really make people dump. 7.5/10
sPeC's Master Script: Really good js for semi and legit. The best free js. 10/10
Dangerous Yaw: I personally think that the dt needs a bit of improvement but the js is good. 9.5/10
Old Rin.Tools: I had it back when it's using loader. The dt was really good, but I got banned later for tampering the script. (My own fault) 9/10
(Yes, I have all of them.)

That's all for my review. Sorry for the poor English. My main language is not English.
Comment if you think I got config issue or something. idk.
Don't force me to adapt your feeling regarding the scripts. :)
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