Onetap ''v4'' Review

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Menu - Not a fan of it, seems way too oversimplified. Still an upgrade from v3's old menu.

Legit - The legitbot is good, idk why people hate on it so much. I think it's because they want to look actually really legit and struggle to configure the cheat to accommodate that. Some cheats have a lot more features in terms of legit hacking, but most of the time I just use trigger and/or legit aa, so OT suits my needs.

Rage - The ragebot has had its ups and down moments since I got the cheat. People complain about the resolver a lot but if you understand that there's no way to perfectly resolve desync, you shouldn't have a problem with OT's resolver. In desync there's no cheat where you can just run out and instantly doink everyone's head. I'd say ot's resolver and exploits are pretty good, but the devs should always focus on improvement regardless. They should make a proper working fakeduck for mm though. Just have it where if you have anti-untrusted disabled it allows you to ''half-duck'' in MM without using a script.

Anti-aim - The anti-aim is nice as it allows options for fake pitches on servers that allow it, I like that aspect of it. I'd say it's decent because it seems like I don't get tapped as easily while using ot as with some other cheats. Would be nice to have a little bit more customization though. You can't really set the amount of desync you have which would be a nice feature.

Visuals - The visuals are just good, they're not excellent. This could be easily improved by adding some more options for chams (especially glow - the ones that are valve's own materials) and it's kinda strange how we can customize the color of enemy names but not enemy weapons. Some of us wanna make them match up, y'know?

Misc - Has everything you'll ever need, hardly anything to talk about here.

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