Onetap Update

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First of all, sorry for the bad English.

I think the update went very well. But there are flaws in it.

Rage Bot

The resolver got much better with less miss dt as well.
The dt got much better. I thought the dt wasn’t going to change much but it became impressive.
Scout is not the best for cheating. Very often he doesn't hit his head. And there are times when he shoots his body constantly as he can’t hit his head, I think that can be improved.
Cheating has gotten much better for rifles. With the AK47, I keep killing people with 1 shot. With a shotgun, the dt is very effective, much larger damage can be done.


Glow is simply disgusting. It is very similar to ezfrags. I think it could be changed, maybe put the old one back.
Two glowing colors, beautiful. The sight itself is very good.
The colors can be adjusted very well.
ESP is usually good.

Legit Bot

The legit did very well. Much better than previous versions. The trigger stick is also much better in it. There are problems with silent aim, sometimes it doesn't work.
The triggerbot autowall function sometimes does not shoot.


The anti aim did not notice any change. Maybe all that jitter is much better in it and bigger is fake.
I didn't find any bugs in this, it works perfectly for me.


I'm very happy with this javascript update.
There is a lot of choice in it, much more transparent.
Simply perfect.

Config System

It was interesting enough at first but the previous one was also good.


I really like the menu. Much more usable, more transparent.
But it contains flaws. There are times when I click on one of the options and do not enter it.

Overall, it was good.