My **HONEST** onetap v4 review!

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This whole comment section is the reason i left hvh. And whoever reading this should too. Unless you want to lose the remaining braincells. Spend 20 euros on something else that makes you joyful.


hello this is my onetap v4 review (COMPLETLY honesty and not scared to say anything bad)

(i've had onetap for around 2months so don't expect much) :

Rage/Resolver: I've been loving The ragebot, due to skeets Horrible performance

I've been tapping it. As well as all other cheats (most of the time) Overall ITs a very good and resolves most of the time

Anti-Aim: I can say the AA is very good, mostly when i slowwalk scout users they dump **free cheats or SHIT CONFIGS** or ot just poppin off
Rolling on the Floor Laughing on Apple iOS 14.2

MISC: kinda plain but Has all the stuff you'd you really need **not useless stuff**

VISUALS: The visuals are super clean and customizable, If you want a way to set up or know a look you want you can pretty much 100% make it with onetaps visuals!!

Legit: I know onetap isnt a legit cheat but it does fairly well. all im saying is most people buy it for rage but somtimes i do legit cheat and i cant complain its meant for rage and Its still not bad so yea.

that was my review all scores will be under this aswell as some context.

Anti-Aim: 9.5 just too p
Misc: 10/10 easily.
VISUALS: 10/10 So customizable its awesome.
legit 5/10 (cant complain not a legit cheat lol)
THANKS FOR READING THIS, hope you agree in some sort of way
but overall Onetap on top!!!!!!!!!
I share your opinion, but the resolver is worse than I thought. It sometimes misses a lot of body, don't know why. And then other times it just doesn't hit after many times maybe 1 baim.