Review after 1 year of use

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I’m not a huge fan of legit cheating so can’t say much. I’ve been semi raging a lot, and I can say that triggerbot is awesome, as well as legit aa.

Comparing to the state of onetap year ago, before v3 came out, I must say that it has been going downhill. You can’t really manage the cheat right now, in my opinion dynamic algorithms are shit for people who actually know how to config it, I still don’t understand it why we can’t manage basic stuff like min damage override or max misses, body/head conditions without using million of mostly shitty pasted scripts. I’ve been doing really positive with this cheat for first 4 months of use.
Recently I’m getting resolver/occlusion misses in situations where it shouldn’t miss at all, even when targetting low hp enemy. Im pretty aware that many things are being reworked now, cheat is pretty outdated. Exploits work fine, double tap is insanely fast.
I’m a huge fan of scouting, and I can’t say that scout is good. Its not about respecting minimum damage, as it depends on many other things like spread. If u resolve easily, u mostly play against crack user or aimware. When it comes to target cheats like Neverlose or Skeet it takes many many shots to finally get the right angle.

Antiaim 9/10

Pretty strong part of this cheat, but it would be nice to actually have more conditions to set up.
I mostly get baimed with my slowwalk so thats a plus.

Visuals 10/10

No comment here, they just awesome.

Community ?/10

No comment here as well. I dont have to explain why, my uid is self-explanatory, isnt it?