Onetap Review

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Okay , i havent been playing that much HvH like i did in 2019 so this is just a quick review.

I just feel like onetap was better in 2019 , now its like 50/50 Maybe because HvH has changed , and people are using DT/Baim more common.

Legitbot and visuals isn’t much to complain about

But I feel that ragebot is worse than before , maybe config issue , who knows.

HvH is kinda broken with kids using OTC and shit like that , so if anyone has any tips I would really appreciate that .

Support: Support is good , quick response 10/10

AntiAim: I’m not an educated HvHer , I don’t know what the best anti aim is , but sometimes people miss

Don’t attack me for bad English and UID issue 🥺