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My Honest Review

I have had onetap for about 4 months now and honestly, i gotta say it's a good cheat. I then went to test out Neverlose since they went public and holy shit I gotta say onetap is way better in all aspects such as DT and AA.

I bought the top-rated LUAS at neverlose such as Phantom.yaw and Doom.lua and they kinda changed the experience but ran into more problems such as crashing and the staff could not help at all and instead just closed my ticket.

This is no "config issues" or "uID issUE" simply most other users have had problems and are switching back to onetap for generally a better experience. Since moving back to onetap i have had an already better experience and not missing every shot .

Some things that OneTap could improve on is definitely a better UI and make animations when closing and opening the cheat. Also since this is highly requested im gonna say it anyway a LUA loader would be definitely great .

Overall here is my rating

Staff: 10/10 Fast to respond to tickets
Cheat: 10/10 Very good
UI: 8.5/10 Could use some improvements like what i mentioned above.
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