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i already did a review on onetap =
but this is a follow up opinion on the cheat and if ill buy it again

okay so the cheat is good i reccomend it to evreyone the support was the best on my time with this cheat tysm @edeen @Ray
olny thing that bugged me was the crash if i get onshotted so it caused me to play with hideshots and avoid using fakelag etc but even tho its a common issue and sevreal pepole have it ill still think it could be coz of my low end pc (even tho medium end pcs has this aswell but thats not the case for me) but if i didnt crash at all the cheat i would rate 9/10 honestly the cheat is being heavily improved and the support is really good and they actually care and take bug reports seriously the cheat is good enough to dominate number one in the hvh scene but one thing will i buy a sub again for this cheat well atleast yet as this crash on onshot issue ruined my full experience but thats not as bad maybe when ill upgrade my pc i might buy a sub again for this cheat beacuse theres no reason not to as its hella p
also dont mess with @kitty some pepole say hes cruel but i like him and yes hes very serious and doesent want pepole to waste his time or his team and that is very reasonable +rep xd and ways love evreyone <3 <3 <3 <3