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Hi there i have used Onetap since 2019 and i have a couple of mostly positive and some negative feedbacks.

1. ( Legit )

Onetap is a great cheat if you would like to play legit .
The Legit Aimbot has never disappointed me in any way . I have always been able to hit the enemy with my settings .
The Recoil Control has never ever given me any problems.
The trigger bot has never given me a hard time i always shoot whilst it is on.
The Backtrack has always been consistent .Never not worked.
The Legit AA has always worked but i think some things could be added like ( Hide real angle )

2. ( Rage )

Onetap's Rage may not be everyone's cup of tea .
You may miss a lot of shots due to resolver bc of Roll but every cheat does .
The Targeting is awesome and very customizable open and specific .
The Accuracy couldn't be any better . Extremely customizable .
Exploits are really good . But there could of been recharge options .
Anti-Aim could definitely be more customizable .
Fake Lag could have more options .

3.( Visuals )

The visuals are great for who ever uses the cheat . Easy to use and as always customizable .