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My honest opinion, not a huge paragraph explaining dumb shit, just facts!


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It's good, get's the job done. Resolver has issues hitting slow walk but most cheats do, the visuals look so nice and have a lot of customization. The rage bot has a lot of nice features and very easy and simple to make a config. The aa is very easy to use and has a very good static desync, the jitter desync after the new update takes a bit of work to make people dump but still very nice there. Legit bot is adequate for an hvh cheat. Skins are skins not much to say there. Misc has all the options you really need like bhop, auto-buy, auto defuse, shit like that. Overall I'd rate it good. 8/10


I agree with the resolver hitting slow walk but I do think the desync needs more customizability, compared to other cheats the AA is a bit behind in my option!