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We're glad to announce that we've just pushed out a new update to onetap.su CSGO which packs a lot of changes, improving the over-all experience of our software.

Legit — Target
For legit bot targeting, we've completely reworked the customization for more precise activation of the aimbot.

Legit — Smoothing
We've heavily improved the smoothing of our legit bot in order to make your aim look significantly more legitimate.

Legit — Reaction Time System
With our new reaction time system, you are capable of creating more humanized events than before with a timer delay.

Misc. — Movement & No Spread
For those of you who prefer movement-type based game modes, such as Surfing, Bhop, KZ, and No spread HvH, this new update comes with many improvements that create a much cleaner and smoother gameplay, and eradicating any obstacles caused by sudden increases in velocity, as is the case with aforementioned servers and maps.

We strive to satisfy each and every one of you and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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This portion contains a lot of our recent changes as showcased above.

An important thing to note is that a lot of features work in unison with one another, and you should be using them together.

  • FOV is a circle on your screen in which determines from how far away the aimbot will engage.
  • Deadzone is a circle on your screen in which aimbot will not engage.
    • Deadzone is used to prevent you from aiming directly at the center of hitbox, making it appear seemingly more legit.
    • While your aim is inside the dead. zone, you have full control over the mouse movement, and depending on the value you are using will control how blatant it is.

  • Smoothing is used to define how smooth (fast or slow) the legit bot is going to be. Without smoothing your view is going to snap.
    • Speed pitch is the speed of your sight when moving up & down.
    • Speed yaw is the speed of your view when moving left & right.
  • Smoothing affects all features of the legit bot, so please use it accordingly in unison with everything else.

Reaction Time System
  • Reaction time system defines how long the target has to be visible before the legit bot features activate.
    • Time is represented in milliseconds, with a maximum of 500ms (0.5s).
  • Lower value on slider means faster reaction time while a higher value means slower reaction time.
  • It's supposed to make your reaction time realistic and smooth, whenever using a lower value it will be more blatant so keep that in mind. Below are some facts about reaction time speed.
    • The average human has reaction time in between 200-250ms.
    • CSGO professional players have reaction time slightly lower than average humans (in between 170-220ms, depending on the player). More on that, in this video.
  • The legit bot and trigger bot will not target players that reveal themselves during this time frame.
  • Reaction time system affects all features of the legit bot, so please use it accordingly in unison with everything else.

  • When there is a target within your FOV, assist is going to pull your aim towards the target, changing your mouse movement.
  • Helps you keep your crosshair on or near the target, depending on the setting.
  • Using a lower value means less assist, while a higher value means more assistance.
  • If you play console games with aim assist, then you'll know what this is.

  • History chams are now affected by settings in the legit bot.
  • Added matchmaking server picker.
  • Improvements to legit auto strafer.
  • Added recoil crosshair.
  • Knifebot and zeus bot added to trigger bot.

We're looking forward to bring your matchmaking gameplay on even a higher level, and this is a step towards that goal.

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