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Originally I wrote a review of Onetap v4 here and it certainly could have been better. Now that months have passed and I've had more time to play around with different settings I've had a change of heart and mind. Below are my honest thoughts and opinions on how the cheat performs and feels. Like last time it will be broken down into segments for organization purposes.

Legit Bot : 8/10

Like last time, I shall be comparing the legit bot to other cheats. I still think it's not perfect but honestly I can't think of a cheat that is. It's smooth and does it's job well enough in my opinion. I do enjoy systems that allow you to configure each weapon separately but v4 and it's menu makes it feel more like a hassle than anything else. I feel like having just a "weapons" tab with all the functions on the same page would be better. For example Triggerbot shouldn't be a separate tab in my opinion. It could just save time.

Legit Features

Trigger Bot: 8-10/10

Like I said in my first review I feel like it's not hard to make a trigger bot near perfect. I cannot give this a definitive rating as I've had mixed experiences of it either shooting too early or not shooting at all. This could also just be user error so take this with a grain of salt. Either way it does what it's supposed to do and works fine.

Recoil Control System (RCS): 10/10

The RCS or Recoil Control System works well , controlling recoil smoothly and effectively. It's customizable which is nice. I've no complaints on this feature.

Legit Anti-Aim: 10/10

Much like I stated in my review months ago, I feel like every cheat should have the ability to do a legit AA whether or not it's included as a feature or done through scripts. Onetap includes it in the legit tab, and it functions well and as intended.

Rage Bot: 8/10

The Rage Bot is very strong right now. From my personal experiences I find that Onetap has one of the stronger rage bots on the market currently. I find that it really only misses due to spread and is usually when I move or just stop moving. And rarely misses due to resolver as I really don't dump anybody all that often. Like the legit tab it gives you the ability to configure each weapon individually. I think this is a good thing for the rage bot as well and lets you really tailor the cheat to your tastes.

Resolver: 7-8/10

The resolver is fairly strong. I find it's able to resolve head fairly often when it actually shoots for head. The reason I give 7-8/10 instead of 8-9/10 is because it often doesn't shoot for head unless it's at the enemy's on-shot. Even with high damage it sometimes just refuses to even attempt to shoot head. But it when it chooses to shoot head it usually hits and hits hard. Resolver is also really good at predicting fake-lag and lower body angles.

Rage Features

Anti-Aimbot (AA): 8/10
The Anti-Aim works very well. I find that people using other cheats have a hard time hitting my head unless it's my on-shot or they have height advantage. Adding jitter to the desync really makes some other cheats dump fairly often. The reason I give this 8/10 is because it could have more customizable options but honestly works very well and can easily be improved with the use of scripts.

Fake-Lag: 10/10

The fake-lag does what it says and works very well. I personally have not had any issues with it. Can also be improved with scripts.

Double Tap: 9/10

Again like I've said in my previous review I feel like the double tap is near perfect. It's incredibly fast, accurate at most distances, and recharges quickly.

Fake Duck: 8/10

This does what it says and really doesn't have many issues. How ever, not having Fake Duck in match making is quite a disappointment. Especially when other cheats are able to Fake Duck just fine in match making.

ESP and Visuals: 10/10

In my previous review I stated that it would be 10/10 if it didn't look like it was lagging behind where the enemy really was. I have figured out this is just the "Visual interpolation" setting. Since then I've messed around with it and found I actually like how smooth it makes everything feel. I find the visuals nice and clean, with a slightly more unique feel than some other cheats but all in all visuals look pretty similar between cheats. Well done on the clean implementation. ESP works very well too.

Miscellaneous Features: 8/10

These features include things like teleport stop, auto stop and other small things like the bunny hop and strafe system.
I can't figure out the teleport stop and I think that may just be me.
Auto Stop works fine and doesn't really need anything changed.
The bunny hop feature does what it says perfectly well.
Auto Strafe functions fine, doing as it says.
Zeus bot and Knife bot work as intended.
(Yes this was copy and pasted from my old review as I feel the same about it.)

Overall Review and Score: 8.5-9/10

I feel as though Onetap get's a bad rep from a lot of people. Often saying things like bad resolver or just doesn't shoot. Some just hate the cheat. I find Onetap as one of the best if not currently the best cheat on the market, especially since it's a public option not requiring an invite to sign up or buy the cheat. I personally run the cheat with little to no scripts mostly only utility ones not affecting anti-aim or how the cheat functions outside of things like minimum damage override scripts. When I started playing HvH I used Onetap v2 which was incredibly strong. I'm glad to once again see onetap finally back as a very powerful contender.
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