Honest and Detailed Review over v4

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Before I start this review, I'd like to make this clear. Any poor rating I give is not an attack on onetap as it's an honest review from my standpoint. I will be comparing V4 and it's performance to other cheats. This will be an unbiased and entirely truthful review based on my experiences thus far.

I've been using OT for a while now, sometimes switching to another option available to me every now and then. I started using Onetap back in V2 as it was the, in my opinion, strongest public cheat on the market at the time. I've always wanted Onetap to be the best as really it's what had made HvH enjoyable for me back when I was coming from cheap legit cheats and aimware. So in my honest opinion, here is what I think of V4.

Legit Bot: 5/10

Compared to other cheats, the legit bot leaves much to be desired. With the way it smooths and tries to control recoil I feel somewhat bad. The over all general performance feels unrefined and sluggish. Though I feel most people use this cheat for HvH, I still feel the legit but could be loads better. I'll break down the other sub tabs too.

Trigger bot: 8/10

I feel as though this could be worse but it shouldn't be too hard to make a trigger bot near perfect. The trigger bot built into the legit tab at the very least doesn't shoot too early, but it does feel quite slow seemingly waiting to aim center mass of the part you're looking at rather than the edge. This isn't really a problem as it still hits, I feel it could just be a little more refined.

Recoil Control System(RCS): 7/10

The recoil control system works fine, doing it's job. However it feels really jumpy almost like it's trying really hard to compensate for recoil instead of smoothly pulling. I understand there is still visual kick and punch but it feels worse that than as I can personally control recoil an a smoother fashion. Again though it works and this is just my opinion on how it could be improved upon.

Legit Anti-Aim: 10/10

I personally would be fairly disappointed if onetap had managed to do anything other than near perfect with this. A Legit AA I believe is something every cheat should be able to do, either with scripts or included as a feature. Thankfully it does what it says and doesn't have any issues that I have personally seen. Easy to set up and use.

Rage Bot: 6.5/10

The main feature that I feel everyone is most interested in when playing HVH. I feel the rage bot needs some tweaking over all as the resolver has quite a hard time well....resolving. I understand no cheat has a perfect resolver as it's impossible to resolve everyone one hundred percent of the time. However, the resolver needs major work in my eyes before I'm willing to give it a full 7 or 8 out of 10. I will give it a 10 if the resolver suddenly out performs every other cheat which would honestly be pretty great. Please give me the opportunity to do such. As before with the legit review, here are the sub tabs below.

(Not a tab I know) Resolver: 4/10

This is a short and quick coverage over the resolver. I feel the performance of the resolver leaves much to be desired, requiring me to basically force safe point 95% of the time. It hits head sometimes, but not very often. The few times it does hit head is usually after 5 failed brute forces or when I've got height advantage. This leaves much to be desired.

Anti-Aimbot(AA): 7/10

The Anti-Aim works perfectly fine in my opinion. The reason it's 7 out of 10 is because it functions and does the same thing as everything else available, though it certainly could be a bit better. It does it's job perfectly fine and with the addition of scripts it gets better.

Fake-Lag: 10/10

Does as it says and works perfectly fine. I have yet to find any issues with this feature.

Double Tap: 9/10

I feel as though the double tap exploit is near perfect. It hits both shots accurately even at a distance, and does so very quickly. The reason for 9/10 is because I want general performance of the rage bot to be good enough so I don't have to use double tap 24/7, as I'd rather resolve head than shoot body twice most of the time. But good work on this exploit.

Fake Duck: 8/10

Fake Duck Works fine, and I'd give it a 9/10 but the weapon still bobs up and down which I find personally really annoying and distracting. This I feel is a simple fix if it isn't intended to be there in the first place, and this is also just personal preference and not really a problem. Aside from my personal tastes I've really no quarrel with the fake duck exploit as it works as intended and performs like every other cheat with minimal problems

ESP and Visuals: 8/10

This would be 10/10 if it didn't seem to almost lag behind where the enemy really is. It's almost like it's trying to visually interpolate the enemy but in a weird way where enemies seem to sling around a bit jarringly.

The ESP performs perfectly fine though sometimes it does lose sight in a few rare instances. But what cheat doesn't? I feel the visuals are unique enough and look good when I configure them to my particular tastes. The weather system is a nice feature to include and makes certain configs much more pleasing to the eyes. Not a huge fan of the glow chams used but again this is personal taste.

Miscellaneous Features: 8/10

These features include things like teleport stop, auto stop and other small things like the bunny hop and strafe system.
I can't figure out the teleport stop and I think that may just be me.
Auto Stop works fine and doesn't really need anything changed.
The bunny hop feature does what it says perfectly well.
Auto Strafe functions fine, doing as it says.
Zeus bot and Knife bot work as intended.

Over all score and review: 7.5-8/10

I can't really say whether or not it's 7.5 or 8 as the resolver and legit bot leave so much to be desired. But over all performance of V4 is decent when not just flat out good. The exploits and features that do work well help make up where other features fall short, resulting in the ability to still do well. I find that the cheat has grown much over the years and with each update new issues. I think Onetap is still a strong contender on the market! I however wish, that instead of being €20 it were adjusted lower for those who use USD, as €20 is a handful more than $20. As of writing this €20 is currently equivalent to $23.52 which really just kinda makes it a bit harder to budget monthly fees.

Over all, Onetap performs well and I can indeed recommend it for purchase. The menu is somewhat easy to navigate and configs are relatively easily created when compared to other cheats. Keep up the good work, and never stop striving to do better!
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Before I start this review, I'd like to make this clear. Any poor rating I give is not an attack on onetap as it's an honest review from my standpoint. I will be comparing V4 and it's performance to other cheats. This will be an unbiased and entirely truthful review based on my experiences thus far.

we not in v4 yet fully
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I would like to point out this review was made just after the release of v4 in October. People reading this months later or reacting months later are reading/reacting to an outdated post lmao. This is no longer an accurate review of Onetap so please take it with a grain of salt.