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First of all, i want to say that im not really in the position to write a good and constructive review about the cheats performance because of my overall HvH knowledge and skill but im here to write my opinion. I will not discuss the Legit tab because i have never used it.

The Ragebot tab is a controversial subject some people say it is absolutely Gragabe und other people say its the best thing out there. Im gonna have to agree with both sides here I've had so many good moments with this cheat but the bad moments sadly outweigh the good ones. I have got 30/18 and doing just fine but hours after its just back to being trash again most of the people will say this is a Config issue wich is true to some extent im not good at configuring that's why I've tried other configs from friends (who are good at configuring) with a similar playstyle but i only noticed i slight increase of performance. Another factor is the playstyle i can't argue about that, but I've noticed onetap many times missing two shots to the head or the body I've looked more into that problem and noticed that no error message is being posted in my console. What people told me that means that its a resolver issue or the ragebot missing, which wouldn't be an issue but this happens to me frequently i even went out and bought a premium config but still the same problem. I hope this gets improved soon. But besides that, the cheat hits pretty good and sometimes head.

I would rate the Ragebot a 6.8/10 mostly because of the heartbreaking moment when you miss both of your shots and the cheat being quite bipolar.

I have nothing to say against the anti-aim it's not the best it's not the worst solid anti-aim i would give it an 8.5/10.

Visuals looking great got some nice effects and a great color picker very pleasing to the eye.
The only problem i have with the esp it fails on my ALOT i don't know if this a problem that can be fixed.

Got some nice options looks clean. The only problem i have is the buybot its a bit slow.

The menu looked a bit crappy and pasted at the beginning but i like it now it would be nice if you could change the color. And that the menu would adapt itself to lower resolutions making it smaller and the menu staying where you moved it.

JS Scripts:
Really Nice allows users to create some great stuff:

If you have made it this far thank you for taking your time and reading my review. Im a bit sad that the ragebot tab isn't that good i know you can go on a training wheel server and bully pphud users and make 5K's but i want to see the cheat compete with skeet again. That's all i have to say and im excited for the future with onetap. I will buy the cheat again but manly not because of the performance just because it's like the only competent public p2c cheat out there everything from the forum customer support and the cheat performance is ok to good. But i beg the onetap Team not to sleep on this and keep making the best out of the cheat. My last word will be "untapped potential".
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I would rate the Ragebot a 6.8/10 mostly because of the heartbreaking moment when you miss both of your shots and the cheat being quite bipolar.
The resolver was better in invite-only stage ;)
Now everyone has same chances just the config makes differences. :(