8 months with onetap here is my review

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The Ragebot is really good. People say it is bipolar and it is but what cheat is not.
It really does hit p with the right config

the anti aim is not bad. could it be better yes does it compete with other cheats yes.
for me a lot of paste and free cheats dump me and can't hit my head but what do you know thats free cheats for you.

In my opinion the legit aa is not bad I use onetap with legit cheating a lot and I always use legit aa yes people do resolve it but is really good.

In my opinion the legit bot for onetap is really good I have legit cheated with onetap for a while now and I have never had problems with it. Now am I saying it is as good as Fanta or other legit cheats no but am I saying it is really good for being a hvh chest yes.

I think onetap visuals are not bad and they do what expected but I wish we had more colors then just plain colors

The Misc section on onetap is not bad I like how it is all put together and it is customizable

Now I think the onetap skin changer is just like every other skin changer but it could use improvements. The skin changer by itself I don't like the way it is set up you have to scroll to each gun and then pick out the skin but there are scripts to help with that.

My overall opinion is that onetap is a really good cheat and if you are looking for a hvh cheat and a legit cheat then this is it
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Nicely done. (Don't know if you meant to do it on purpose but you forgot the spacing between Visuals and Misc.)