1+ year onetap review

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1-year review after using onetap consistently. (haven't messed with the API enough to feel like I'm good enough to review it)

ragebot- 8/10 - I still miss due to spread because the autostop isn't perfect, this cheat is still very viable. I don't worry too much about hitting missing due to resolver or prediction a lot, and the only times I've "dumped" was because of spread or some weird exploit.

anti-aim- 7/10 - the anti-aim is still very usable, but I feel like it has a lot more potential. (like a bind for auto direction or limiters for left/right desync/yaw)

legitbot- 10/10 - I'm not a legit cheater but whenever I've used it, it's done its job perfectly fine, I don't think I've had any issues.

visuals- 6/10 - the visuals are nice but I wish there was a little bit more customization like changing the opacity of attachments or changing the way glow will look. I also miss v3 indicators and while I don't dislike these default indicators, I'd prefer ones like the old ones from v2/v3. I know this last one is kinda knit picky, but the font for health or names sometimes is just too small for me and I can't read it at high health. (20/20) vision btw. ESP has always been an issue for me as well just with the dormant esp not staying there and fading away when I need it, or the esp vanishing for a split second. (btw no new operation agents :( )

scripts - 8/10 I've bought multiple different scripts for onetap and I can say that while these are perfectly fine, I feel like I've seen better being able to be done in lua and with different APIs, but it's still alright and can definitely look or do great depending on the coder.

menu - 7/10 - imo, I don't really like the onetap v4 menu, it's a lot more simple than the previous menus or other menus, but just looks "chubby" or tiny, is a bit confusing to navigate at times but their ctrl+f feature to search through the menu is kinda like an easter egg with how it's hidden if you don't pay attention to update logs.

support - 10/10 - I've never had a problem, they're quick to do things and don't take forever or never resolve your issue.

optimization - 9/10 - I've always been able to get 100+ frames with onetap at the very least with no issues, just wish it could possibly inject in a better way so it won't almost crash when I tab out or maybe even quicker.

overall - 8/10 - This is probably the best public cheat you can get. I have bought and tried out neverlose (basically their only pub cheat competitor) and I can def say neverlose just isn't the better cheat. While it does have more aa or visual customization, their ragebot doesn't match up to par with onetap's nor their support/optimization. Other than that, it can do great and top score with little issue, but onetap was a tiny bit confusing for me to understand just because I had to change my playstyle a lot at times. I don't really see that as an issue though, since I see it to be more of just learning the current hvh meta and how to play hvh overall. Most of the issues I've listed are more things you may not need or can just find an easy workaround.