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very honest review [no 10/10 everything]


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Legitbot: I have been using legit cheats for awhile, I have seen a lot of good legit bots this one by far is one of the eh ones, I understand this is a HvH cheat. But for a HvH cheat it has a decent legit bot. With the added reaction time system, new RCS, etc. It has improved a lot. After playing multiple games with it I have not been called for for "Snappy aim" or "Aimbot" in general. 7.5/10

Ragebot: The ragebot is decent, I have not had that many problems with it. I do decent in HvH, and I have been playing since late 2k17. So so far its not that bad. 8/10

Anti-Aim: Anti-aim is pretty bad, it has barely any options this was brought up in v1 as well then v2 came around and there is still not that many options to choose from, very poor customization. 5/10

Resolver: I dump a lot of anti-aims, some people just run around the map and edge there Anti-Aim and I will shoot around 6-7 shots then it will stop. There is multiple options to fix this such as safe points, etc But in general thats what happens with safe points. 7.5/10

Visuals: I like the visuals they are pretty neat, in my opinion fatality has better visuals and skeet. But these do the job. 8.5/10

Misc: Everything you need, nothing is wrong with it. 10/10

Loader: Worst loader experience I have ever had in my life, made me uninstall multiple programs, disable multiple programs, loader takes up 40% of my cpu when injecting (I have a decent i5 btw, 16gb ram, etc) not only that, can't even load the cheat without using a VPN to inject. Then disconnect and go through multiple network problems while doing so. Injections times are not the fastest as well. 4/10

Overall until some updates get pushed out im going back to my old roots, I know this thread is most likely going to get spammed with playstyle issue and config issue. If you want to be the person to defend this cheat even if you acknowledge the problems it currently has I don't really care.


I agree with everything except the loader (got locked out of the account I bought the sub on). The loader usually works perfectly for me, it’s pretty strange that so many people say they have to do that.


I have rlly poor and bad pc (AMD A6/AMD Radeon HD) the loader for me isnt slow, loader takes me like only 20% cpu, i didnt need to disable programs only steam, I live in Czech Republic and i didnt needed VPN to inject, the network is good i didnt needed to restart, only thing is the loader is taking too slow after it injects to csgo but loader is good.
I don't understand why you based your ragebot setting on your hvh performances and then rate resolver separately? They both work in conjunction.