review after using ot for about 2 months now

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ragebot - 8.5/10

can be really inconsistent, it gets bipolar and there's a known multipoint issue that the developers won't fix, but most of the time it hits p and is probably the best public option

legitbot - ?/10

i personally don't use it alot, and i don't have a good config so i can't say this as a fact, but it looks legit and never got ow'd with it

visuals - 10/10

nothing much to say about it, customizable and easy to config, looks really good too

misc - 10/10

everything is easily labeled, easy to use and mostly anything you'd want is there

menu - 8/10

everything is easy to find, although there's two things i absolutely hate;

the first one being that the menu goes back to the middle of your screen after closing it no matter where you had it before

and the second one is that they do minor changes to the menu, like changing "Script Items" to "Script items" making every javascript break, especially bad if you use an old js that isn't being updated anymore

overall - 9/10

cheat can be inconsistent, but there's no perfect cheat in desync era. if you don't have any options to getting our loved private p2c i wont say the name of for wanting to keep my account reasons, then Onetap is definitely your best bet.