review after ~month

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Loader: 4/10

First thing u r using in cheat is loader. When I launched onetap first time i was requested to remove or disable a lot of software which im using, like sandboxie, processhacker, anydesk(wtf), winpcap. It is faking annoying checking own processes before starting cheat, if uloader will detect processhacker it will ban u(i was banned 3 times lul). it made me mad a lot of times. but i understand that its more needed for security and usually users will not get same errors/ban thats why i uped rating to 4/10. Also loader works so slowly and hasnt insecure shit. Anyway its not main part of this cheat ofc and its acceptable and understandable.

Support: 9/10

After getting banned i always contacted support and there are cool guys, thanks them a lot, but it tooks some time.

Legitbot: -/10

Didnt test it lol.

Ragebot: 9/10

Mostly hits fine, but meme with missing due to spread there is a place to be. Its really easy to configure this and its very cool.

AA: 10/10

Antiaim system works p mostly. Its still easy configurable and very powerful.

Players&Visuals 10/10:

I really like how it looks, so sexy.

Skins: 5/10

I dont like how it looks in menu, like i started cheat from 2012, but it works fine. Acceptable for hvh cheat.

Misc: 9/10

All options except clantag works p, but saved in config clantag will not works as u think, it will still print except ur tag, u need change atleast one symbol in textbox to make it works again.

Config: default

arrangement of elements in the menu: 3.14159265359/pi

Crashes: 10/10

Got crashes a lot of times before, every day i played, but with latest patches huge part of them looks like fixed, but it was so annoying too.

general impression of the game:

Due to most important things works p(ragebot,aa,visuals,misc, useful menu) i have good experience with cheat, i rate it 10/10. But there was another side of the coin: loader and crashes made their work and overall i can rate this cheat like 7-8/10. Its still best rage soft i ve played before. i would recommend to buy it.

Also i wanna say thanks to my referer: Thank u, insignificant


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Early adopter
Nice review. I totally agree with the Misc and Ragebot.


Having same issue with process hacker and I have it deleted and it still gives me the error
Bro this post is so old. Uninstall process hacker by going to control center and in the bottom right click uninstall a program, next find process hacker and uninstall it. if that doesnt work then check task manager to see if its somehow running. you can also try restarting your computer


I did all that and it still didn't work but I found out I had to disable it then delete it and restart my computer, also why does it do this in the first place?