My honest, unbiased opinion of Onetap as of 2020 September

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I mean yeah, I did complain about the cheat sometimes being bad, but definitely not "the worst". It does miss a lot nowadays, but I too have to say it's either playstyle issue or config issue. If you bought configs (which there are a lot and some of them are actually good) and still performed bad then the problem might be you, not the cheat.
Firstly I would like to say your not autistic like others, here I mean by saying things like "uid issue, brain issue" etc. Secondly I have around 30 configs ( I spend 300euros on all of them ). I have my own config since none of them can fit ft. my playstyle. Tbh, the Hitbox and Multipoint systems are fucked up, since v3 has a lots of bugs, because it was early release even it wasn't done at all. About the "playstyle issue", that might be true, because I am thinking that onetap cand handle my playstyle. My playstyle it's pretty aggressive, I peek oneways, make suicide peeks etc. And by that probably the cheat wouldn't be ready to shoot so it misses and that causes most of the times holes in my desk or broken buttons to my keyboard. For exemple I have the cheat called "...sense" even the resolver it's gone now, you can better hit without the resolver being on, anyways so let's say if I want to peek from palace and it is a guy connector holding da box with fakeduck, I can onshot him easily since the "...sense" cheat is based on onshot, but with onetap it's impossible to hit that, you need to be lucky af. And since otv3 was cracked right now I can't pretty much hit Head or DT, anyway DT wasn't never made to shoot so I can't complain about that.


Config/playstyle issue. Yesterday had a 3+kd 4 games in a row
No it isn't the Hitbox and Multipoint system is broken and it miss so much, even with a good config or a good playstyle, and you can read the message above about my playstyle and my response to the OP


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So, I'm still somewhat new to the HvH scene, I started around 4 months ago, Onetap was my first ever cheat that I had bought.

Back in May
, the cheat felt amazing but as of now, it started going downhill for me and it really makes me sad to see how the cheat performs and how the staff is reacting to the current state of the cheat and the stuff happening around it (yes, I'm talking about that thing).

Let me get into the review part

The legitbot overall is almost the same as every other cheat that is focused on HvH, you can make a somewhat legit config for closet cheating, but there's a high chance that you will be called out at some point. The legit tab has configurations for most weapon categories, but there's no individual weapon configurations, which just further proves that the cheat is more HvH focused. Overall, out of 5 points I would give 4 points to the Legitbot.

Back in May when I bought the cheat, the Ragebot felt godmode, I was hitting everything, including slow walking and crouching players (crouching and slow walking is in my opinion the worst thing to encounter as a Onetap user) and I had no problems at all with the Ragebot. Over the time the cheat started getting updates, which didn't really feel like updates to me, my performance got noticeably worse but I thought it was either config or playstyle issue, but I had to come to the conclusion that it in fact was the cheat being extremely bipolar, one day performing like the best cheat in the world then the next day it was just complete monkey mode. As of the current update (which was relased almost 2 months ago) the cheat is sometimes performing really good, but on most days it's (for me) below average, it just simply doesn't hit slow walking players anymore and sometimes it decides not to even shoot at someone that's crouching (coming from experience with a good config and WITHOUT any scripts. As of now, I would give the Ragebot 2 points out of 5. I hope there will be an update coming soon and it will perform a lot better than it is now.

The AA settings are okayish, it is very idiot proof so if you don't know much about making a good AA, you can definitely make something that will work with this cheat. There are times when you will get resolved really easily but pastes and shitty cheats should not be a problem. I would give the AA 3 out of 5 points.

The visuals overall are really good in my opinion you have a LOT of customization options, you can make from a clusterfuck aids looking visual to a really nice and clean looking visual. Overall, I would give the visuals a 5 out of 5 points.

The misc features are what you would expect from most of the cheates, some of the features are broken as of now (or at least for me) for an example Shared ESP and Region picker does not work at all. There are a lot of useful things in the misc section though, so personally I would give the misc features 5 out of 5 points.

The forum right now is quite cancerous in my opinion, but what really matters here in my opinion are the (paid) configs and scripts. You can find really great scripts both for free and for money. In my opinion the most meaningful scripts are hitbox override, min dmd override and AA scripts, but obviously there's a lot bigger variety. Overall I would give the forum and it's people 4 out of 5 rating. (There are some really small brain animals here tho but they can be funny sometimes)


I think the cheat (as of now) is just okayish it's not bad but it isn't good either. There could be a lot of improvements and hopefully the next (major) update will fix a lot of issues and problems that the community has.

P.S - As I said in the beginning, this is my opinion so if you disagree, you don't need to come to the comments and flame me, we both know that's just stupid.

Thanks for reading my review.
i agree with a lot of what you say (not really the rage bot), but especially with the anti aim tab, it is really basic and very few customizable options. You have to purchase scripts or make some of your own to make players just occasionally hit a fake. Not saying the anti aim is bad in any way but there need to be more customization


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i agree with a lot of what you say (not really the rage bot), but especially with the anti aim tab, it is really basic and very few customizable options. You have to purchase scripts or make some of your own to make players just occasionally hit a fake. Not saying the anti aim is bad in any way but there need to be more customization
While I can slightly agree that you can't customize the aa that much in the menu alone, you can still make an amazing aa with just the base cheat. But throw javascript into the mix and what you can do is astonishing.