My honest, unbiased opinion of Onetap as of October 2020

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I've done a review here (before the update came out) and since there is a new update, I decided to write a new one that's more up-to-date. I will use the same format as before, since I think it looks clean.

Let's get into the review

The legitbot got a new silentaim feature, which now allows us to use a 2 FOV silentaim in our legit configs, this in my opinion makes the whole legitbot experience a lot better. I also feel like the triggerbot now works a lot better and it doesn't miss / shoot early like it used to before.

I'll give the legitbot 4 out of 5 points.
The ragebot has gotten a (in my opinion) major improvement with this update, it is a lot more consistent than it used to be before the update. It hits a lot more, it misses less and the resolver is well above average, altough the bipolarity is still there, it doesn't seem to appear as much as it used to before.

I'll give the ragebot 4 out of 5 points.
The anti-aim is the exact same as it was before the update came out, but my opinion has majorly changed after trying out some AA scripts that I've found on the forum. At first, I tried out some free AA scripts, they didn't quite work that well and at the end I decided to buy Ultranite's Atomic script. I feel like the base AA that onetap has is okayish, but it is easy resolved by other paid cheats altough it is still very much useable against pastes and other bad hacks. The AA gets a lot better once you find the correct script for it though.

I'll give the anti-aim 4 out of 5 points.
The visuals are the exact same as they used to be, you can still very much make a complete clusterfuck of visual setting to a nice and clean visual setting.

I'll give the visuals 5 out of 5 points.
The miscellaneous features have stayed the same, you can still find everything that you would need, altough I feel like there has been a change made to the auto-strafer which for some reason feels a bit weird to use after the new update than before, no worries though, there's a script on the forums to fix it.

I'll give the miscellaneous features 5 out of 5 points.
It's sad to see the old scripts deemed almost useless (unless they are fixed for the new update), since there were a lot of useful scripts. I really like that scripts can now have their own tabs and if you turn on keybinds you can see whether a feature that can be bound to a key is active or not. This is a small, but very useful addition in terms of scripting and having the ability for scripts to have their own menu/section is just great in terms of both navigation and ease of use.

Since all scripts aren't the same I can't really do a rating for this section, but most of the scripts that can be found on the forum are either great or good.
The new menu always makes some white stuff come out of my pp💦, the way it looks and the way they organized everything I feel like makes it look a lot more "professional" and "modern". I feel like the new menu is a lot more easier to navigate than the old one and everything is in their correct section, nothing is out of place.

Only addition I would like to see is a little pop-up when saving our configs. There has been not one and not two instances where I accidentally saved my legit config on top of my HvH config which resulted in me having to re-do my HvH config (not that I mind since I love doing configs, especially visuals), a little pop-up that says "Are you sure you want to overwrite xy config?" would be nice, just like the way it does when you want to import something from the clipboard.

P.S: In case you are reading this and wondering how configs are done now, they are cloud based and you can find them by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and clicking on "Configs".

I'll give the menu 5 out of 5 points.
I would like to break the forum up into two seperate parts, first one being the look of the forum and the second one being the people on it.

The looks

The forum has gotten a little tiny-tiny bit of a change and I feel like everything is a lot more "organized", by that I mean that everything looks a lot more compact and cleaner. Also the icons are pretty cool, the look a lot sharper than before.

For the visuals I'll give 5 out of 5 points.

The people

The people on the forum in my opinion are the same, some of them have great personalities, are willing to help and in general are just genuinely cool people and on the other hand we have the not-so-bright people, who still to this day keep asking where to put "old v3 scripts" and say "my configs don't work but i have it in the folder". It's still the same, the amount of people are constantly growing.

I'll give the people of the forum 5 out of 5 points.
This section is purely dedicated to the people that I've met during in-game while using Onetap. I noticed (at least on EU) there are a lot less toxic people who use Onetap than before (maybe because we don't have that many killsay scripts yet) and I also feel like Onetap users are a lot more chill compared to the other cheat users. It's a rare occasion when I see a Onetap user call someone (in wingman or matcmaking) a nn and other stuff nowadays.

Also today someone who I played against quite a while ago just messaged me on Discord, telling me how he beat my ass on Vertigo while I was using a fakeduck script and from that we ended up engaging in a conversation and then ended up playing some games, I know, quite romantic. I feel like the community has gotten better around Onetap and I hope to see the same "improvements" in the future.

I'll give the onetap community 5 out of 5 points.

I won't give an overall rating for this review, since I feel like everything is clearly written down. Make sure to leave a comment, like and subscribe to my youtube channel.​


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lol, i come back after 8 months to see the hack ruined.

Hmmmm I don't seem to see a subscription to back your claims...