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My honest review. (no reason to fake it, we dont get anything for it)

Onetap is?

  • P (perfect x1)

    Votes: 9 26.5%
  • PP (perfect x2)

    Votes: 15 44.1%
  • Expert cheat (perfect xπ without the decimal "3141...)

    Votes: 10 29.4%

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My subscription is running out soon so i might as well share my experiences with the cheat. Although i might just renew because this cheat is PP (perfect x2, no ban plz)​

In cheat stuff
Legit settings (including legit AA, bhop, and trig/aim bot) are a fat 9/10
Why not 10? Because legit AA (major thing i use) is not usable on casual (where you find goofs)
along with the fact that its not stream protected like some other cheats (not gonna mention other names, again no ban plz) are.

But otherwise? Its the best legit stuff that you can "easily setup", "look very legit with" and "literally trigger some kids with (lmao)"
Along with being able to have settings for different guns.

Rage settings (not including anti-aim as that is another tab) score at 10/10
This is honestly the best rage/aim bot that I could ever use but for some reason I have come to find that
this cheat shifts in and out of the "zone" and I could care less but it has its 1 ms moments . But as long as you are good at
making configs or you get a free/buy one. You will be dominating the game and you will have a good experience whether
you are spinning in comp/casual against another cheater or HVHing. Like legit, along with being able to have settings for different guns.

Anti-aim settings (including fake angles area, manual aa and fake lag) another score at 9/10
I know I say "This" a lot but chill and eat your food because i can't stop. Any way, this is a good area to talk about.
One of my favorite things to do is set my In air actions to SPIN. HELICOPTER INBOUND!! but the sad part is that fake angles are not on casual
so its hard to hvh without that. I know there is a manual but i like having a jitter walk because thats what the cool kids do and i dont wanna spam Z and C to
get the fake jitter i wish to have. but other wise the settings on here are perfect and other cheats (placeholder here for admins to let me) hit
the fake so much times its not even funny its just sad. but idc lmao.

Player settings (basically visuals and walls for only players) is scored at a nice 10/10 for me
I really enjoy the fact that you can change settings for yourself, TEAMMATES and ENEMIES instead of changing stuff for Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist (which is stupid
because of the fact that if you forget about what team you are on when you are in a situation and you try to peak your teammate, your humiliated.) with chams for visible, hidden and HISTORY CHAMS (backtrack), and multiple cham materials

Visual settings (includes hitmarkers with hit and kill sounds, nightmode and fullbright) is 8/10
1 major thing i HAVE to bring up and hope i don't get banned for. hitSOUNDS are not visuals. THEY GO IN MY EAR!
but besides that it is slick and has a lot of options and you can change the skybox, fov, get thirdperson, force cross hair and others

Skin changer (yeah. has its own catagory, fight me) is 10/10
Do I have to talk about this? *background "yes."* FINE. The skin changer is slick and smooth, has all the skins for your client side gun needs.

Miscellaneous stuff (just the other stuff lmao) another 10/10
hhhhhhhhhhere we ggo. It is a good menu because it has so many useful items in the menu such as autoaccept, rank reveal, sv_pure bypass, bhop, slide walk and more.

Config area (because thats a thing) gets a 10/10. Im not sucking onetaps peen i swear
This area has misc settings for some reason. But otherwise, settings load quick, i dont have to make new .cfgs myself. it does that for me.
has misc settings antiuntrusted, watermark, log stuff with colors and restrictions and RAINBOWS!

External stuff

Loader - 6/10
The loader is nice and looks cool but it takes about 20 seconds to login with 1 minute to inject the cheat. IDK if anyone else has that but what ever.
I still win the game after 🤣 .

Fourms, if you are reading this? 10/10
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Prismhvh what do i not know what i am talking about and i am not a fan boy lmao.

EDIT: alright, since i am a fan boy, you are a attention seeker i am guessing. Since you like replying to EVERYONEs review