Brutally honest review.

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Before you read any further, please be aware that I do enjoy this cheat (okay.. maybe not some parts of it). The cheat feels rushed and needs improvements. Every cheat has been in this stage where there are many issues to be fixed and that's coding for ya. Any comments relating to "config issue" will be completely ignored by me as I know for a fact after talking with many users in Discord and in-game that they too are experiencing these issues listed below.

- NULL. Can't say anything about it as I have never used the legitbot on this cheat before.

- At least it doesn't crash?
- Feels sluggish.
- Resolver needs work.
- Misses backtrack a LOT.
- Missed due to spread messages displaying when the reason for the missed shot wasn't spread.
- Failing to correct fake lag (rarely or not at all).
- Misses on legit players.
- Multi-point isn't very good (I can manual them but the cheat refuses to shoot).


- Freestanding/auto-direction seems to work without issue.
- Desync isn't the best but is far from the worst.
- Fake lag works well and can be adapted to anyone's play style with all the options for it.
- No customizability for real yaw.
- I get tapped most times when peeking players. (somewhat to be expected when full on moving but still.... ayyware is tapping me...)
- Anti-untrusted must be disabled in order to change pitch.


- Clean and easy to read.
- Can be customized to anyone's liking without any setbacks.
- Spread circle isn't anti-aliased.
- No separate cham settings for different teams/local player. (ex: shine applies to all players)


- Has a lot of features.
- Clantag changer is nice.
- Buybot works well.
- Autostrafer feels clunky as shit. I feel like i'm a panzer bhopping through an obstacle course.

Image for reference:


- The update is quick and doesn't lag your game.
- Easy to find and change skins.
- The skins sometimes don't save (yes, I have tested it. no it isn't an issue with me not clicking the save button under the skins tab).
- The skins that I applied often disappear from the weapon that I applied them to, and won't return unless I re-click the load button and wait until the next game to start (not round, GAME).
- One of the hitmarkers causes a game crash.
- The animations leading up-to the inspect animation is cut from existence and it just 'jumps' to the inspect without any form of transition.

Overall, the cheat definitely needs some work, and I don't feel as though it was ready to be released. I often crash after a few matches of HvH for no apparent reason.
The issues listed above combined with the constant downtime of the cheat definitely outweighs the pros of this cheat, and unless a good majority of said issues are fixed, I will not be purchasing another sub.
Not to say this is a bad cheat, it just feels rushed and clunky in some areas.

Overall rating for the cheat: 7/10.

Appreciate your opinion and feedback, the whole point of an opinion/review is to be honest and constructive, which you have done respectfully. Now I don't really understand many of your points. If the cheat tells you that you missed due to spread then you missed due to spread lol, it's not lying to you. Also are you really gonna say the only pro of 'ragebot' is that it doesn't crash? Like legit, that's it? Also I only ever crash when using skin changer, the cheat is still new and ofc crashing is expected, it even happens with cheats out of beta and what not. Also sometimes skybox can cause crashes, haven't experienced that since we were told it was fixed though, make sure you try with both Skins and Custom skybox off. Also, wdym downtime of the cheat? Are you talking about when it needs updating to the latest game update? Cause that definitely happens with every cheat. Also no cheat is 'untappable' so the ayyware tapping you will happen if you use something else. Any cheat can literally resolve any cheat. And you also mentioned the cheat misses legits, yeah so does every cheat, a resolver is made to resolve aa's which I am sure you are aware of so that point makes 0 sense, I mean why rarely come up vs legits unless you're ranking up and in that case I can myself say that the resolver is fine regarding hitting guys without an aa. I will also say that this project was not rushed into being public at all, as someone who has the privilege of having access to Alpha I can safely say that this cheat was thoroughly tested and definitely ready for release and I am sure everyone else with Alpha access will more than agree, again don't take this as hate my guy, I respect everyone's opinions like I hope they would with mine, glad you're enjoying some parts of the cheat, this cheats current ability is unmatched imo and the potential is unreal, hopefully you do stay with us, also you posted this before the most recent update, I highly recommend you give it a go since multi point has been improved majorly, have a great day!


I agree with what you said, a lot of it. You did this in a very respectful way in stead of just saying, "SHIT CHEAT" like 50% of the users.

Cheat is very play-style specific. If you come from the other big public cheat that rhymes with cameware, then you (like how I used to be) wont know how to properly use the cheat in HvH.

Cheat has missed many times, but if it says due to spread.. buddy.. its due to spread.

I honestly believe 90% of the problems with this cheat is due to bad configs and not knowing how to use the cheat. I do believe the cheat SHOULD be more user/ play-style friendly allowing us to play the way we want to play with our own configs.


Early adopter
you forgot to add the beta team which dont do anything : -)

besides signal ofc
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P review +rep And good review that ive seen and anyone trying to shit talk this review is brain dead cause everything you stated is fact