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the claim is fully false which basically all alpha members that i known are all using it, they don't clip it it's bc they can't leak the features or anything that can expose some alpha features plus not every alpha only clip media, most alpha members are preferring coding scripts and stuff or using it privately, they don't have to show the alpha build through media

and llama n sharklaser did updated the cheat which just haven't pushed out for live build yet but the update is coming soon so stay tune
2 months later


i said on scout its pretty decent, not better than nl but still good. I dont care about 1v1's and on community this cheat works fine and feels much nicer than neverlose. Everything just feels so smooth and everything just works, +i never crash with onetap unlike neverlose which crashes so much
pc issue


Its really not, when nvl v3 released it had so many crashes and bugs, there were even youtube compilations about "top 5 nvl v3 crashes". For example i used to always crash when i tried to do "quit" in the console to close my game, instead of closing the game it just froze my game and didnt let me close it. Only way to fix it was by opening task manager and closing csgo because it was not responding