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short review after many months of use


Ragebot 9/10: probably one of the best I've ever used it is easy to config and i never really had problems with it. Sure it does miss here and there but nothing to point where i had to cry about it to the forums. right now i would choose onetap over anything else.

Anti-aim 9/10: easy to config, good fake lag, i got nothing else it just works as it is supposed to

Legitbot 10/10: best legit bot I've ever used never had any problems with it and it has a tons of customization. (magnet for trigger bot is my favorite feature)

Players, visuals, skins misc 10/10: these new visuals are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick, skins are easy to config, everything under misc works as intended but i never really use freecam or zoom

overall 9.5/10


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agreed but i wouldnt say it has the best legitbot but its mainly focused on hvh so for that its good


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I gotta agree, plus I like how simple your review was, those super long ones are nice for in-depth but that shit takes too long to read