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  1. harryd2000

    need reseller (paypal)

  2. harryd2000

    need reseller (paypal)

    Is it because i don't have a cc linked to my account?
  3. harryd2000

    need reseller (paypal)

    Please tell me how am i suspicious? I literally have bought from you before and when i come to buy ot through paypal you ask me to download something that lets you remotely access my pc... I said i'd pay through family and friends and all that too.
  4. harryd2000

    need reseller (paypal)

    mar1k is a clown, use signal
  5. harryd2000

    Cold Blooded Killer ft Onetap V3 (Free Config In Desc) Staying Relevant

    Nice media, whats the song called? :3
  6. harryd2000

    Possible improvement of ot

    Get a job you mong
  7. harryd2000

    how does one get alpha?

    perform the grapefruit technique on one of the staff every night for the rest of your life and you might have a chance.,
  8. harryd2000

    Resolver bug

    Happens to me alot too. Really hope it gets sorted soon.
  9. harryd2000


    wagwan its dave
  10. harryd2000

    neither would i - ot highlights #3 :)

    Like and sub : )))
  11. harryd2000

    Onetap ReSub

    He does but he charges double for them. Fucking stupid imo,
  12. harryd2000

    Purchasing upgrades at Onetap via PayPal/Cryptocurrency

    +rep Better then mar1k 100% <3
  13. harryd2000

    do NOT trust resellers

    Same :/ i wanna buy from him but he won't respond. And frankly, i don't trust mar1k at all.
  14. harryd2000

    onetap v3 highlights #2 : )

    like and sub : >)
  15. harryd2000

    SUB GIVEAWAY !!! 2k posts woot