too expencive

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yeah ofc the creack had nothing to do with the price ppl just used it bc no one wants to pay so much for the cheat

dats true if i had money i would buy but i dont
io have bought this cheat for 1months i stopped bc too expencive
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The price is normal considering that some cheats cost 50$ for the first month, 25$ per month I think anyone can afford.


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its not expensive but it is more money than any other hack like most cheats are 20 dollars and ot is 24 euro (26.86 dollars)
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its not expensive but it is more money than any other hack like most cheats are 20 dollars and ot is 24 euro (26.86 dollars)
you wrong opinionen!!11thinking hack too expencive can give free hack cus i poor and i can only get crack i nn :ccc not 18 year older now so no i can use aimweare onli ???!
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bc im wasting my money on other useful things xd

i would use crack but im afraid its a rat soooooo
If you dont want to buy the cheat, leave. We dont need you making threads as there is nothing we can do about it. You pay and you get simple, thats how the world works.


What you do with your money is your choice, however I will say, after using gamesense, aimware, Zeus, unityhacks, ev0lve, supremacy and countless others. Onetap currently takes the cake on HvH by a long shot. The anti-aim is not as configurable as the others, but the method of desync is above and beyond, they force you to use what is actually desync-able rather than give you a ton of sliders and say, well good luck on making your desync or angles hold right. Not to mention the resolver is fairly good atm, as for ragebot settings its fairly nice. The staff here do a good job, and ect. The price in my eyes for current performance on the others, is lower than it should be in all honesty.


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tbh the price is good imo, most people below 18 cant afford ot so the community doesnt go full retarded.


You get what you pay for...

OT taps just about anything with the right config...
You can also go free and get pwned?

Competing cheats are almost the same price, so i dont see the problem here.. Its reasonably priced, and it works really well - The devs also need to pay their bills.


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pointless thread, if you think its too expensive then don't "waste" your money on it and play with free cheats.