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Is onetap.su the hack provider to go for when it comes to Rage/HvH?

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WDYM LMFAO It means when you started using it, or at least when you registered on it, so you should have more experience using it 199IQ
i know what uid is but i was trying to say that using uid on a cheat to win an argument is stupid


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As an ex staff member and current alpha tester I’d love to say the cheat is perfect and has no issues but in reality it isn’t perfect and it has its issues.

Personally I’d pick onetap from any other cheat provider because onetap is genuinely the best option for a steady and well updated cheat. Updates are pushed when needed and staff actually respond to support tickets near enough instantly.

Cheat wise there is issues yes, but the issues come rarely. Sometimes you might shoot fake but who cares? Everyone does it. With a good config and a good play style you won’t have any issues.


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Hello guys and girls!

So I randomly started a MM in CSGO and began to rage straight away. I was with a friend, who would rage aswell. Quickly, after I have done a team kill in the first round, my mate said "GG he has onetap, we have no chance". I was like, lets just try If it is that good. And I loaded my HvH config first - no chance. By the way, I was using UnityHacks. Then I tried another HvH from a close person to mine, he is experienced in HvH. But I did not stand a chance. Fair enough, UnityHacks Is not made for HvH at all, its rage configurations are decent but the legit configurations are where UH shines.

Long story short, I have looked up for a couple of videos and recommendations, which said, that onetap.su might even be superior to skeet, which is - from what I have heard - the best provider for HvH hack features. So, before I try onetap.su, can you guys give me a recommendation about onetap.su abilities, strenghts and weaknesses? I would very much appreciate it.

Yes onetap is very very good for rage and hvh.
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