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  1. hexor

    likes bbc

    likes bbc
  2. hexor

    I need help loading ot

    put loader in insecure mode and load while in main menu of csgo. <-- how to inject insecure mode.
  3. hexor

    Certified Wock Sippa

    Certified Wock Sippa
  4. hexor

    Just a few questions

    Going to use common sense and basic knowledge to answer these few questions "It always get's cracked, right?" - Has it gotten cracked before? yes. Does it constantly get cracked? No. "Is it even worth it to buy this cheat? I mean, the crack is cheaper, and has some popular cracked scripts...
  5. hexor

    This will make the cheat 100% better

    Configuration issue bub, fix it.
  6. hexor


    if you are missing due to spread it could be a multipoint issue in your config. Spread doesnt always mean luck/autostop. i almost never shoot below my mindamage with awp. Upping your mindamage to hp+1 or hp+2 should fix this. fix ur shit config lol
  7. hexor


    Use prefer safe point and prefer body aim. i would also use hp+1 and it will most likely aim for the stomach because thats the most lethal point on the body. If you are aiming at stomach with a high enough min damage you will kill them with 1 shot with the awp.
  8. hexor

    Injection issue

    1. create a shortcut of the loader 2. in the shortcut line in the end add -insecure 3. open the loader login and when you are in the main menu hit load 4. If that doesnt work turn off/on a vpn and see if you can inject Example: