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  • How To Make Triacetone-Triperoxide

    You need:
    acetone (hardware, paint store)
    hydrogen peroxide (hair bleach type – 15 volume or higher)
    sulfuric acid (concentrated; if you use battery acid,boil until white fumes appear)

    You also need a thermometer, ice, salt, and containers.

    Combine 30 milliliters of acetone and 50 milliliters of hydrogen
    peroxide into a glass container and mix thoroughly.
    The container must now be put into ice/salt water and cooled to
    below 5 degrees Celsius. The easiest way to do this: take a coffee
    can, put in water and salt to about half full, put container
    (empty) into can, put plastic lid on can to keep container from
    floating, put can in freezer, when water is frozen, take out,
    remove lid, proceed. This will provide excellent cooling and also
    keep container from floating.
    Now, put a thermometer in the mixture. When it is below 5 degrees
    Celsius, start putting in the sulfuric acid, one drop at a time.
    Keep stirring and watching the thermometer. Adding the acid
    produces heat; if it gets up to 10 degrees, stop adding acid and
    wait for it to cool. You need to add a total of 2.5 milliliters of
    sulfuric acid, one drop at a time.
    Keep stirring for a couple minutes after adding all the acid. Put
    the container in the fridge (not freezer) and let it sit overnight.
    When you get it out the next morning, there will be a white
    precipitate on the bottom.
    Pour the solution through a coffee filter, paper towel, or other
    filtering paper. This will collect the precipitate. Pour a couple
    of spoonfuls of ice-cold water through the towel to remove acid.
    Now set the paper out to dry. The resulting powder/crystals are a
    very powerful primary explosive.ːsteamhappyː
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