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  1. d3tox

    [ SUGGESTION ] Fix inverter flip conditions while using standby choke/ lag peek

    I agree they should also add no onshot DT and bring back fake angles, just shift all available ticks for it jesus
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    so looking to buy rage hacks

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    hi is ccheat good

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    best onetapper

    best onetapper
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    unban midnight

    unban midnight
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    SAMBO ft. sunset15

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    The Alch

    p video why did you clip 4ks I get 8ks every time I peak at least you didn't pull a deadpool and clip bots hhh zzz laff hdf [email protected]
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    As someone who uses OT regularly, this is a cfg issue and you are not willing to tune your cfg and try what other people say. Lower your HC not to 0 or to 20 but around 40-65 with a md of 25-35, (force safepoint to make sure you hit your shots but there is more of a delay) I only miss to spread...