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V1/V2 2 month review


Legit: ?/10
I have only used the legit features a few times as they aren't very important to me however I've seen that the legit features have been
improved and developed upon over the last few updates so I would guess its pretty good.

Rage: 8.5/10
The resolver has stayed fairly consistent across updates with slight improvements, it hits most of the time and rarely if ever dumps for
me, the ragebot is definitely bipolar as many people say, its something ive come to accept with onetap. I have no major issues

with the ragebot and llama is doing a good job.

Anti-Aim: 7/10
The anti-aim is consistent and reliable with the right cfg, jitter aa makes people dump so I recommend trying that, there could be more options
such as aimware's anti aim menu however its consistent and decent enough how it is. Fakelag settings are good enough in my opinion, lots can be done
with alternate fakelag.

Visuals: 8/10
The visual customization has pretty much everything you would expect and need, the new colour picker is a nice addition I cant really think of much
else to say about the visuals but I would like an enemy fakeduck indicator.

Optimization: 10/10
The optimization of this cheat is perfect from my experience, other cheats can provide a sluggish feel , I cant speak for everyone as i would like to say my PC specs
are above average but from my experience onetap has been smooth and well optimized the whole time I've used it.

I personally liked the old menu more for the amount of options it provided however, I like the look of the new menu more as it fits the look and feel of
the forum, at this point its not worth arguing over because its not like anything is going to change.

Disclaimer: This is all opinion so if you don't agree then that's fine.


I am retarded and i just like onetap i beat 2 skeets in wingman a moment ago. Resolver is good but not the best sometimes i miss aw or some other shit ( i never miss skeet) but every cheat miss sometimes.
Anti aim is very good but only static is good to use huh, skeet is shooting my fake so its ok hahaha.
Visuals are very good i never loose enemy from my field of view.
Menu is just ok very functional and simple.
btw: Fake duck sometimes works sometimes not thats weird but not a problem for me.


Early Adopter
Agreed apart from the menu part old menu was same old style but the new one is fresh and new to use. Also the cheat can be bipolar but no where near as bad as other cheats.