! [TUT] How to not get scammed !

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How to not get scammed by fake signal
Always when some signal adds you can instantly tell him scammer, signal is too lazy to respond not even think he's gonna add someone for resell LOL.
Also if you have signal in friends, just type here MANUALLY signal#2111 and discord will check itself if he's real one

How to not get scammed by other user

ALWAYS ask yourself if it's not too good to be true

no one is gonna resell sub below 22euro with other payment than paypal f&f but most of resellers take 23-25euro
Always check: if he have sub, his uid, +reps, just fucking check if you can trust him
Also if you still do not trust him, u can always use some middleman most of them offer their goods for 2.5-5euro
(if he says he will not go thru the middleman, he's probably a scammer)

if i typed something wrong, comment i will edit thread.
i know im not very good at thread formatting, i will learn some day.
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