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Top speed, Devils Eye. Ft Onetap.su (Free cfg)


i can tell that your config isnt the best by looking at the media. first of all, you should probably use static aa. (body lean 50 inverted body lean 65) jitter is harder to resolve, but you end up getting hit more in the body because of how close the desync is to the real. also, you should probably turn down your multipoint or not use static multipoint. youre hitting body when their heads are peeked. probably use your r8 multipoint, because you hit more head with that. and also, turn up your mindmg, its taking you like 5 or 4 shots to kill them when you shoot their body. thats like 20 min dmg. i suggest turning your autowall to 30 and your visible to 40 or around 40. if you need any further help contact me on discord *59tillthegrave#8239


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Bad config Coolio. Use 38 mdg visible, 22 autowall, removing static pointscales. Use all hitboxes except legs,feet, and upper chest. Same for mp. Please use static aa, with around 37 body lean and 74 inverted body lean.