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Showcase contest - February


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Greetings community!

As announced in a previous thread, we decided to host a permanent event in which you can compete to win free subscriptions! :)
This thread will be (re)created every 1st day of the month and will end on the last day of the month.

Winners for showcase contest - December:
Congratulations, I extended your subscription.

To attend this event all you have to do is make a video, and post it in Showcase area, then post the thread link here.

February contest will be closed on 29th February (end of the month), and the winner will be announced as late as 3rd March 2020 when the next thread is made.

All threads posted in February will be accepted as a submission.

Please do not post anything other than your submission (Showcase thread link) to avoid spamming the thread.

Kind regards,

onetap team


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