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Second onetap review ⭐


Hey, this is my second onetap review.
I made a onetap review earlier, but onetap has changed a lot throughout the recent updates. I've also changed my opinion about a lot of things, so i figured i might as well review it again.

Legitbot 8,5/10 works great, and it is easier to config than the previous legitbot in v1. It does need more options though. I'd recommend you guys to add first shot delay, and bring back path assist.

Ragebot 9/10 very stable, i usually do not experience missing shots. Every cheat has some flaws though, so keep improving the resolver.

Anti-aim 8/10 very boring, yet somehow very good. Changing the bodylean of the fakeangle doesn't really do a difference. Needs more customization.

Visuals 9,5/10 looks very premium. Just keep adding more visuals, they look great.

Skinchanger 7/10 could be better. I would have given this a 4, but because of the easy navigation in the skinchanger tab i'll give it a 7. Bring the glove changer back, add stickers, add a name changer and fix the missing skins.

Miscellaneous 9/10 has a lot of miscellaneous features that all seem to work very well. You should keep adding more though. I'd say playerlist is a musthave, and if you could add a blockbot that would be dope too.

Configuration 10/10 very cool.

Overall 8.7/10.