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Since most of you don't bother reading our Terms of Service or do not understand which parts of the Terms of Service you've broken, this thread will guide you on what not to do to get yourself banned.
Official ToS

Participating or committing the following activities will earn you either a warning, temporary ban or in severe cases, a permanent ban

  • excessive spamming, trolling and/or shitposting (if you need to ask whether it is too much, it probably is)
  • mass solicitation through forum PMs
  • harassing and threatening other users including but not limited to personal attacks and racism on onetap forums
  • advertising other software providers/software/platforms/services not related to onetap on onetap forums
  • account sharing, selling or giving (accounts are non-transferable)
  • game sharing and/or gamestreaming through 3rd party applications
  • multi-accounting for reputation boosting
  • running software (including background processes) that are deemed a security threat to onetap at any point of using our software including but not limited to debuggers, cracking tools, dumpers, analyzers, network monitors, reverse engineering tools
  • malicious activities targeted at onetap or it's users including but not limited to doxxing, account hijacking, scamming conducted on onetap forums
  • undermining with or without intent to spread misinformation or misrepresentation of our software
  • staff disrespect
  • payment fraud
  • ban evasion

Here at onetap we take payment fraud very seriously and will issue permanent bans without recourse i.e. if you chargeback against us, your ban will be permanent and indefinite across all current accounts as well as future accounts. All future software and services offered by us will be closed to you, forever.

Punishments issued by the staff are at the management's discretion, if you feel that you or your friend has been wrongfully banned, please read the ban appeal thread here:

The management reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Rules at any time by posting the amended Rules without prior notice. Please check these Rules periodically for changes.
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Hardware ID Resets
  • User accounts and subscriptions are non-exchangeable and non-transferable i.e. sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited
  • Accounts and all current and future subscriptions are locked to the first hardware which you logged in to
  • HWID Resets are a privilege and not a right
  • Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis
  • Usage of HWID spoofers are prohibited, your request as well as all future requests may be denied if you do this
  • If you are going to travel or move between locations, it is best you bring your original hardware with you as chances of a reset happening will be close to zero
  • Failing to comply with the rules of account sharing will result in both the original account holder and the current account holder having their access to all our software and services terminated

HWID Resets [Explain Like I'm 5 version]
  • Don't share, sell, or give your account to your friends
  • If you are going to travel, make sure you open a ticket before you travel for staff to assess your case, be prepared to show substantial proof
  • Don't use HWID spoofers
  • Break the rules, expect bans
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