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Review thread - Second month of usage.

Alright so here is my honest opinion about the cheat beginning on my second month subscription.

Haven't used the legit bot as much but I can already tell by the short time I've spent testing it that this is far superior to any other cheat out there. By using onetap's legit bot you'll have all the needs to win against any other cheat, even if they decide to semi-rage/rage. The only two "bad" things that come to mind is the way the aimbot works for snipers in general, it shoots before flicking towards the enemy resulting in you missing the shot and also how you are not able to get the health and name esp to only activate whilst enemy is visible.

As for the ragebot it is also the best rage bot I have ever used, the aimbot is ridiculously accurate and you'll have no issue obliviating your enemy. The anti-hit system is amazing with the right settings, and combined with slowwalk you'll be an unstoppable machine. As per visuals it is by far the best looking visuals I've ever seen, I love how customizable it is. As for the skin tag I'd definately prefer having skins saved per config instead of one config for everything, however I love that we are able to bypass sv_pure and use custom skins that we find online and/or made ourselves.

As a last note I'd just like to give a shoutout to the staff team. I have most of the cheats that are considered good in this community and I must say that Onetap has the best staff team by far, they are friendly, outgoing and always strive to help other people which is something that I really admire.
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