review near the end of my second sub

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ok so the cheat is good.

the resolver is P. i do spam fakes every now and then but i don't cry about it in lounge. 8/10

aa is great, the best resolvers sometimes miss their resolves and that's great. 9/10

the visuals are just clean af, even if you download 1000 configs the visuals will always be clear and distinguishable from any other cheat. 10/10

misc as cool features, the skin changer is flawless, the autobhop and autostrafe are absolutely great both to closet cheat and hvh, but sad to see no region picker. 9.5

legitbot is decent, for being closet the backtrack and triggerbot work great but the aimbot is pretty obvious, but i tied against a spinner using only legitbot 10/10

ONETAP = 9.5/10

every other cheat i used. and that's an extensive list, can't compare with onetap, even with a mediocre config i can still tap pretty much anything.
although i wish a region picker was added, would make the cheat even more stunning.
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region picker was patched awhile ago by valve, that's why skeet, fatality, onetap don't have it but good review otherwise.