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Sup guys, I said i'd do a review for a long time now and I haven't got around to it but anyway here my review.

1. Ragebot - Really good and consistent especially with the new alpha update, its insane. Resolver is really really good and resolves desync with no issue.

2. Anti-hit (AA) - The best fakewalk/slowalk i have ever used. Freestanding is good but personally I feel like it needs improvements. Fakelag is good and works really well. The fakes/desync are really really good and I'm really impressed with how consistent they are especially at the moment in csgo.

3. Visuals - Really good all round visuals, would love flat chams personally but its not a necessity. There's a lot of customisation with the visuals which is really nice to see, not just limiting it to chams.

4. Legitbot - Legitbot looks insanely legit, its really strong and the backtrack is p.
Twitch vod of legitbot on some random girls stream;
(I was not using standalone rcs hence why recoil goes up after shooting the guy oops)

5. Misc/config tab. Very simple and good, nice config system aswell as being able to share skins is cool. Autostrafer modes are good, directional is really good.

Overall 9.5/10 best cheat on the market from personal experience.

Little note: Ty llama for pushing out really good constant updates as well as letting me be apart of this cheat/community. Shoutout to the OG's. Spirit and tapsen > all


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