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Early adopter
Hello I want to thank the creators and moderators of the cheat, the cheat has great support, rules, thanks! First of all it's my second day with hack i don't saw much problems like in other hacks, all problems were like "
human factor" all just depends on the user.
Cheat hits p, and none can deny it <3.
I would be glad if you add:

  1. Lua interpreter - the cheat can be updated by users, a lot of visual/aimbot stuff, since i was coding a lot of, as user i will be glad to see it here!
  2. More aa settings, all looks good, but for me something is missing.
  3. Min dmg hp + x , for awp it's useful like, hp +6 ( 106) ,add override min dmg key, it's useful.
I think it's time to finish my review, thanks for all ,i have a very good cheat experience right now . Thanks!