Review after couple of days of use (gone sexual)

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You also said this "Never mind not even a WEEK after the most recent update was pushed to live, and was ripping shit in HvH." which was confusing to read because you didn't specify what the person was ripping shit so I fixed it. "Not even a WEEK after the most recent update was pushed to live, you were hitting nothing in HvH" when you tell me I have the mental capacity of a goldfish and then can't even set up text right it makes me think that you are the goldfish with the small mental capacity. Otherwise, you are good with spelling and setting commas and shit
Did you even finish middle school? Because you seriously don't know how to read/comprehend simple English, nevermind respond even slightly coherently.
Also, when I got the cheat for the first time I was retarded because I didn't know nothing about the cheat. But like 3 days after using it I was hitting heads because I just needed to adjust from using some garbage paste.
Undermining when software is definitely performing? 🤔
Also, you and Logan start attacking my post because i was sharing my own opinion by saying that the cheat is bipolar. At the end of the day I'm just not going to respond to this shit anymore because its childish and i suggest you stop too.
You think that was attacking you? Go outside and have some social interactions buddy, you obviously need to learn how to talk to people and receive criticism.
Maybe if you didn't go off calling people retarded IMMEDIATELY after them trying to explain to you the problem/help you fix it, this wouldn't have come to this point.

Seriously though, you need to: