Review after 6+ subs.

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Ragebot 9/10
Works like it's supposed too I haven't found any cheat breaking issues ever.

Exploits 8/10
There's to many options in the cheat itself which usually is good but I'd rather see them being implemented into the API.
Recently "Stand By Choke" was also released which has some issues regarding scoping & movement. Ignoring those issues it's very good & accurate.

Visuals 10/10
Visuals are pretty basic on Onetap luckily the API makes up for it with custom materials.

Legit Bot 9/10
Works just as expected for a HvH cheat, can easily avoid overwatch with proper settings.

Movement 6/10
I don't really like Onetap's autostrafer & I doubt they've changed it for a long time. I'd like it to be a lot smoother.
We're all in a shit meta of hvh therefore good movement is required.

API 9/10
The JavaScript API works just fine I've had no issues with it. I'd personally like LUA more.

Community 7/10
The community might be considered shit by many but if you compare it to Neverloses it's actually quite good.

I didn't include Anti-Aim since it really doesn't matter much in this meta/era.
Bump this so we don't see some shitty reviews blaming onetap of every issue w their brain.
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Yes bro,new joiner ))))))))

Can you explain me how a cheat that is outdated for 5 months is good ?
How's it outdated, which features does other cheats have Onetap doesn't? The resolver still out performs almost every cheat. Exploits aren't slower than other cheats?